What They Say


quote-2 Enormous Amount of Information with Complete Clarity

S.F. Speech supervisor and SLP with 35 years’ experience

“I’ve attended several of Rivkah Pinter’s workshops on a variety of language topics. The common thread running through all her workshops is her ability to impart an enormous amount of information with complete clarity in an interesting manner, so that even complex tasks become easy to teach.
Her information is hierarchical. Her strategies are practical and easily applicable. You come away understanding how children learn and how they may be thinking. Her handouts are attractive and immediately useful. I highly recommend Rivkah’s workshops and look forward to attending more.”

quote-2 for every educator, for any text, at any level

M.F. Literacy Coach, Tender Touch Educational Services

“Rivkah Pinter’s workshops present a comprehensible, bottom-up approach for teaching children how to understand what they read. The brilliant methodology included is applicable for every educator, for any text, at any level. Her handouts and practical ideas enable educators to immediately apply what they learn at the workshop into their classrooms or small- group sessions. Her trainings have greatly enhanced the instruction we provide in the schools we service.”

quote-2 Well-Organized & Well-Presented

B.R. Special Educator, Lakewood, NJ

“Rivkah’s workshop was well-organized and well-presented. I can’t wait to implement her techniques with my students and watch them progress as a result.”


R.S. SLP and parent of client, Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Rivkah Pinter is a brilliant speech-language pathologist who developed a systematic approach to the remediation of language issues in children. Rivkah employs cutting-edge techniques for addressing language delays in children and conveys all of her information in a manner that is motivating and comprehensible. Rivkah is intuitive and is able to pinpoint each child’s needs. Her approach is so clear and organized, that the children are able to learn and progress at a rapid pace. I highly recommend Rivkah’s therapy programs.”

quote-2 Goal-Oriented Approach

Y.T. SLP, Director of Early Intervention Agency, Philadelphia, PA

“Rivkah has developed the most systematic and organized approach to improve language abilities in school-aged children. Rivkah’s program focuses on structuring language skills into distinct hierarchies so that targeted goals are set, effective strategies are utilized, and significant progress is made. Rivkah’s techniques have proven to be successful, specifically in the areas of critical thinking and language comprehension, due to her insight into the sequence of skill acquisition and her methodical approach that is derived from this understanding. If you are looking to implement a goal-oriented approach with successful and sustained results, then I highly recommend this course!”

quote-2 Practical Strategies Based on Solid Research & Years of Experience

S.R. SLP, Lakewood, New Jersey

“Rivkah Pinter’s workshops provide practical strategies based on solid research and years of experience. You will learn techniques that will immediately impact the quality of the service you provide and enable you to help your clients realize their fullest potential.”


R.F. SLP, Far Rockaway, NY

“I arranged a workshop with Rivkah Pinter. It was informative, practical, and interesting. She had a lot of creative ideas on how to implement the information.
Rivkah provided a lot of hands on tips that she’s used in therapy and has found to be effective with various students. She shared so much from what she had learned and gained from her years of experience as a therapist. I would highly recommend her workshop and hope to attend others in the future.”